Fishkill Baptist Nursery School: Testimonials

Parent Testimonials on the Bridge Program

"As a parent of a child with a fall birthday, I am so thankful for the Bridge program at FBNS.  Since he was only 4, I couldn't imagine him atteding a full day kindergarten program along with all the academics that would entail.  That is when the Bridge became such an asset.  It gets the children used to a five-day model, yet with the benfit of a half-day.  I always explain to people- I didn't hold my son back from kindergarten, rather, I gave him an extra year at the Bridge."

“Both of my daughters were alright academically, and may have been fine had I made the decision to push them forward to kindergarten. But giving them both that bonus year has proven to be the best decision. Sometimes results don’t show themselves until middle school years when peer pressure, confidence and self-esteem issues are on the rise. I have witnessed a rise in confidence in both my girls, and the maturity level where it may be lacking in other children. I certainly don’t mind having my daughters being the older ones in their classes as opposed to the youngest. For my daughter who had academic and motor skill challenges, it gave the extra boost she needed. Otherwise, she may have fallen behind in elementary school if I had just pushed her forward because she made the birthday cut off.”

 “As a teacher, I know firsthand the high expectations that our local school districts have placed upon them by Albany for incoming kindergarten students. These standards, coupled with a child just being young, make it difficult for our children to be prepared & feel successful. That’s exactly why I chose the Bridge program. I’m giving my child the best gift ever; another year for him to learn, develop, and grow.”